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Posada de
Turismo Rural

Sarchí is well known as one of the best coffee producers; our SARCHI HIGHLANDS COFFEE is a project of a group of five farmers in the highlands of Sarchi Sabanillas. This group joined together to process the best part of our coffee and sell it to customers who really enjoy the taste of the best coffee possible. Our Coffee beans have been selected for the awards "Taza de Excelencia" Cup of Excellence Award.

Sombra Verde Farm, where our Bed & Breakfast is located is one of them. The other varieties of Coffee Beans are the local Villa Sarchi, the Caturras and Catuais and also the famous Geisha variety. These five coffee beans are part of the coffee varieties that are matured slowly in the summer sun, west of the Central Valley of Costa Rica; where the influence of the warm breeze of the Pacific Ocean and the fresh night air coming in from the Poas Volcano make the quality of our Highland Coffee a real enjoyment to the palate and make for an enjoyable and very good cup of coffee.

Caña Dulce, Posada de Turismo Rural.